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Is the world of voiceover appealing to you?  Are you a business professional who wants to improve your presentation skills and gain confidence speaking live and online?  Have people told you, “You have such a nice voice!” more than a few times?  Do you wonder if you have what it takes to become, and grow, as a working VO actor or presenter?  You’ve thought about it, but if you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to learn more … here it is!

Whether you’re brand new to the idea or already have performing or presenting experience and want to take the next step, Eric Lee will coach you toward developing your talent and expanding your opportunities.

As a working professional voice talent for more than 40 years, Eric Lee has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the current industry.  His keen coaching “ear” allows Eric to recognize every nuance in your voice and delivery to give you valuable insights about performing with confidence and believability.

Voiceover Classes

You’ll learn about the core elements of voiceover in a fun, collaborative setting designed to accelerate your performing skills.  We’ll cover topics such as script interpretation, developing a critical ear, how to self-direct, creating a demo and more.  Plus, you’ll get plenty of time in front of the mic with one-on-one direction and class participation.  Classes run for six consecutive weeks.  Class size: 4

One-on-One Coaching

Let’s zero-in on YOU … your voice, your talent, your believability.  Individual coaching sessions cover commercial and narration deliveries, the differences between them and specifics on how you can grow as a unique voice talent and consistently deliver the read the client wants.  (They’re paying you, after all.)  Sessions are available weekdays by appointment.

Demo Production

Whether it’s your first demo or you need to update your current one, put yourself “out there” with a professionally produced voiceover demo uniquely created to show off your strengths, variety and style.  Production includes rehearsing your chosen scripts, final recording session and licensed music, all tailored to get your voice noticed.

Presenter Training

Learn to use your voice and body to speak, present and communicate effectively with greater clarity and confidence.  Either in person or online, one-on-one presenter training will provide honest feedback, help you identify your own personal style and build on your strengths, so your audience understands and trusts you.  Individual sessions are available weekdays by appointment.  Small group sessions can also be arranged.

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What They Say –

“Eric honed in on my needs right from the start. He was able to communicate what they were in a clear and effective manner. Never did I feel as though he was trying to make me sound like a “standard” narrator or like anyone else. He continually coached me to understand my own voice and to make the most of it. He gave me examples of reads and had me listen to reads, and then coached me to apply what I’d heard based on my own understanding. He was patient with my many takes. He created an open, friendly, and, at times, even playful atmosphere that put me more and more at ease each time I was in front of the mic. At the end of each session, he asked what I was taking away from it. This was invaluable in crystallizing and setting what I had gained from the session.

In working with Eric, I’ve made great strides in improving my reads, my vocal placement, my mic technique, and my confidence. I highly recommend him as a coach for continuing to develop your voiceover skills.”

– Terri M., VO Student/Talent


“I am so pleased to be able to recommend Mr. Eric Lee of Eric Lee Productions as a vocal or speaking coach. Eric and I worked together via online meetings, and I learned a tremendous amount from him. I work seasonally at trade shows, speaking with potential customers for up to 11 hours per day. I needed some practical help to prevent losing my voice at these events. Eric instructed me on proper posture and breathing techniques and provided numerous exercises to relax the muscles of my mouth, face, and upper body to avoid strain and promote improved vocal tone.

Eric’s easy manner and friendly demeanor removed all my nervousness and made it a pleasure to work. I highly recommend Eric Lee as a voice and speaking coach for business and personal speakers, narrators, and anyone in the voice talent arena.”

– Lisa C., Business Professional


“Our product is measurably more effective and appealing as a result of the coaching provided by Eric Lee Productions. Eric personalized a coaching plan based on each individual’s goals and met with them weekly online to evaluate progress and provide recommendations. The employees reported growth in their speaking delivery and confidence after just the first session, and our internal team was stunned by the difference in quality. I now consider Eric’s coaching a necessity for anyone who will regularly be on-camera or speak publicly!”

– Amanda B., Corporate Executive


“Working with Eric to create my commercial voiceover demo was educational and enjoyable. My acting experience was mostly on stage, and he helped me to adapt my existing skills to the recording studio environment. He provided thoughtful feedback and helped me to choose audio clips that would show a range of styles and tones. I’d recommend Eric Lee to anyone who wants to learn more about voiceover from someone with a wealth of experience and a kind and helpful manner. I’m very happy with the demo he produced and would definitely use his services again.”
– Kathy B., VO Student/Actress